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Music Lessons Rates


  • Piano $24/ Half Hour or $360/ Semester
  • Drums $30/ Hour or $450/ Semester
  • Guitar $24/ Half Hour or $360/ Semester
  • Bass $24/ Half Hour or $360/ Semester
  • Vocal $30/ 45min or $450/ Semester
      *  A Semester includes 15 lessons in 6 months or less *

Tuition Fee per semester is payable as follows:

  1. Payment Plan A - One payment of $450 (drums/vocal) or $360 (piano,bass,guitar,vocal classes) due at the first lesson of the semester
     2.  Payment Plan B - Five equal installments of $90 (for drums/vocal lessons) or $72 (for piano, bass, guitar or vocal classes) due at the first lesson of the month.
The tuition fee includes 15 lessons during a semester.  This allows a flexible schedule for the student i.e. vacations, holidays, ect.  If lessons are discontinued during the semester, any balance on the tuition fee is due immediately.  No refunds will be given.
If choosing Plan B (five equal payments of $90 or $72), each installment is one-fifth of the per semester fee and not a payment for the number of lessons given; as each month, the number of lessons may vary.  Additional lessons , if desired are possible as a semester is more than 15 weeks will be billed at the end of the lesson.

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